Improving Your Child’s Social Skills: Part 5–Learning to Speak in Public

Improving Your Child’s Social Skills: Part 5–Learning to Speak in Public

Learning to Speak in Public

A great enhancement to any child’s social skills is the confidence to speak in public. Speaking successfully in public is a skill that will serve your child their whole life.

I would urge parents and other caregivers to give their children as many chances as possible to speak in front of groups and gain public speaking skills. The research is clear that the ability to successfully speak in public is highly prized in the job market. Acting classes can be helpful.

Recent research has shown that extracurricular public speaking training programs for children can have excellent results in building the ability to present effectively in front of a group. Some Toastmasters groups have camps for children; I’d heartily recommend enrolling your child in something like this. Encourage your child  to take any opportunities they can for speaking in front of groups at school and church as well.

When our son Mark was 11, he began taking acting lessons. This improved his confidence tremendously. He entered the drama club in high school, acting in plays and making many new friends. Sometimes children who do not have athletic gifts can feel left out of many social circles. Taking acting lessons, joining drama groups, and being in school plays creates a whole new network of connections. It certainly opened Mark’s world in ways that I will forever be grateful for

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