Increasing Your Child’s Phonological Awareness Skills

Increasing Your Child’s Phonological Awareness Skills

Phonological Awareness Skills

Phonological awareness (PA) skills involve knowledge of sounds and syllables and the sound structure of words. PA skills are essential to good reading, and are the best predictor of spelling success in elementary school. Research has found that for young children in the early grades of elementary school, the better the child’s phonological awareness skills are in the fall, the better their reading skills are in the spring.

Check out this link for ways to build your child’s phonological awareness skills before and during kindergarten:

Here are skills you can work on at home with your child:

  1. Count the number of words in a sentence
  2. Count the number of syllables in a word
  3. Count the number of sounds in a word
  4. Identify the first sound in a word
  5. Identify the last sound in a word
  6. Identify words that rhyme

Dr. Seuss books are just perfect for improving phonological awareness skills because of all the rhyming in them. I started reading these books to my son Mark when he was a toddler. Even though he turned out to have dyslexia (a rare visual kind), his phonological awareness skills were several years above age level. Let’s hear it for the magic of Dr. Seuss!

See the website below for additional information on tips for developing your child’s phonological awareness skills:

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